We design and produce in Italy a complete line of ovens that offer the right solution for any environment, based on the number of seats, aesthetics and the desired operating characteristics.
The ovens with rotating cooking surface offer greater productivity than a FIxed ovens.
It Is not necessary to turn the pizzas, is enough to bring them out when the sound warning is beeping without the risk of burning them. The rotation ensures homogeneous temperature and a constant cooking and The use becomes simple, even for an inexperienced operators.



The control panel depicted is equipped with: General power button, 2 detection probes, custom cooking timer, Notice of cooking cycle Sheet, Cooking surface cooling warning sound, Direction of the rotation of the cooking surface, General emergency key, Infrared plate power key or gas burner, Variable speed cooking surface Grader, direction cooking surface.













An infrared electrical resistance or a gas burner is applied UNDER THE COOKING SURFACE to ensure the immediate

recovery of heat loss and the constant temperature of the SURFACE.














The position of the inner wood is much broader and more distributed. The fire remains distant

from the entrance, is distributed at the bottom of the COOKING SURFACE where it burns better.

The size of the sill allows to turn or to rest up to 2 pizzas or to support other food for a differentiated cooking. The cooking surface is distant from the entrance and allows less heat loss and also allows to increase the thermal resistance of the oven. Single entrance to bake pizzas

and insert wood. Combustion air is reduced compared to having two separate entrances.

Bruciatore a gas con

fiamma radiante

forced air system - POWER

The burner reproduces the radiating flame thanks to the mixing of gas and air regulated by special valves and silenced fans and exits through a tempered cast iron mouthpiece of patented shape.
The most powerful burner on the market in terms of performance and consumption. Up to 3 pizzas are recovered due to the absence of embers and ash. It replaces wood and avoids loading, unloading and insects problems. It has a digital or electrical panel with thermostatic probes, cooking flame adjustment knob, control device, ceramic electrodes, control valves with built-in stabiliser, air pressure switch, transformer motor.

The luminous flame is positioned on the right or on the left hidden by the mouth opening.





The burner reproduces the radiating flame thanks to the mixing of gas and air in the environment and exits through two tempered cast iron nozzles.

The good performance and unlimited lifetime burner offers a good economic compromise.

You can recover up to 3 pizzas for the absence of embers and ash. It replaces the wood and avoids the problems of loading, unloading and insects.

It has a control knob with manual pilot ignition. On request it can also have a digital or electrical panel with thermostatic probes.

The luminous flame is hidden inside the plane. Installation takes place on the right, on the left and at the bottom of the floor. In this last position wood can be used in a combined system.




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